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Visual Contract Extractor

A Tool for Reverse Engineering Visual Contracts from Java

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Experimental Evaluation

Sources, data and results

Case study to assess the utility of visual test reports for oracles and localising faults

Visualising extracted contracts

We have exported the constructed contracts from our main (mySQL) databse into three ms-access files, see table below. Please download (click here) and run the lite version of our visualiser tool first and then select one of the database files to display their contracts. We also provide orignal source codes with test coverge reports based on executing test cases and (excel) spreadsheets that we used for measurement and analysis.

Note : Running our tool requires only a recent Java Virtual Machine (1.7 or later) to be installed.

Database file Source code with
Test coverage report
Excel spreadsheet
in xlsx format
Extracted contracts
in Henshin format
Car Rental Agency Service view RentalCar.xlsx RentalCar.henshin
NanoXML-2.2.1 view nanoXML.xlsx nanoXML.henshin
JHotDraw -5.3 view JHotDraw.xlsx JHotDraw.henshin

Executing the Visualiser (LVC.jar file)

Try to 'double click' on LVC.jar or by right click then find an option, e.g., 'run as' by JRE.
Alternatively, you could use terminal/command application. You'll need to navigate to the directory (folder) where the 'LVC.jar' is placed, and then type the following command:

                java -jar LVC.jar

Once 'LVC.jar' is running, just select one of the attached database files, e.g., Car Rental Agency Service as showin in the figure below:

Now you should be able to see the two options in the top left as :

UI-Visualise rule instances

UI-Visualise generalised rules


We suggest to use tree-layout when visualising large rules that may contain more than one hundred objects as the ones below, you may need to wait few seconds for the process.

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